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I'm guessing you are planning one of these but I think there should be a super-simple Help screen which tells you how to perform the basic tasks (they are all pretty basic I guess). For example, even though we spoke about it recently, I had forgotten how to add a note to a project. (It took me a minute or two but I found it.)


  • Good point. What i really need is one of those walkthough tutorials you get the first time you run something.

    However, a more detailed help would be the next best thing. I'll look into these possibilities.

  • thinking of adapting either this or this.

  • I think the TourGuide approach is good.

    One alternative that you might consider is to put the instructions inside a note which is placed into the user's database when they first download the app. That way they should be able to search for a feature and find out how to use it quickly without ever leaving the app's interface and by using the app's own (presumably ever-improving) search features.

  • yes - I like the idea of "system" notes that users search on for help text. Also I think there should be a "system" note telling users when a new version is avaiable.

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