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Lexiy Desktop 1.0.10

edited April 2016 in Windows

Only a few minor tweaks to functionality in this release, but a big change underneath...

This version sees a complete toolchain change from Microsoft to GNU.

The problem with the MS build was that it relied on the MS runtime which has to be installed as a separate installer. It's no longer an option to use the, so called, "merge modules" from 2015. This is a shame because now it requires chaining together two installers.

In principle, this isn't a problem, except that in practice it is. Various problems plague the MS runtime installer that cannot easily be avoided - and this part is not changeable.

The consequence of which is the main product can fail to install for reasons outside of your control.

Wouldn't it be nice to just have a directory of files that is installed at a user chosen location with no system files nor other operating system changes or baggage?

Welcome to the GNU build.


  • edited May 2016

    Apologies but I've kind of lost track with issues that you are working on versus those that are deemed to be fixed. My biggest problem using the current Windows version (as I think was true with previous versions) is that a) the + sign is often lost at the bottom of the page at an un-get-to-able place and b) the same is true of notes which are located towards the bottom of the list of notes - I can't seem to scroll down far enough to reach them.

    A solution for the plus sign might be to put it on the same area as the magnifying glass, refresh and settings icons.

    Incidentally, the 'maximise' button (top right) appears to be greyed out and doesn't work.

  • thanks for the report.

    is this a result of setting the manual scaling in the settings. What happens now is that the OS is allowed to pick a scale multiplier (which it does for hi-dpi screens), then i apply the manual scaling factor on top.

    What happens if the manual scaling factor is 1.

    What is meant to happen is that the windows is no bigger than 30% of the screen width and 90% of screen height.

    Also, the maximise is broken. will fix this

  • turns out i'd disabled the max button by setting a max window size. fixed for next release.

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