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Lexiy Desktop 1.1.0 with Updater

edited May 2016 in Windows

A new version has been uploaded bumped to 1.1.0

Although not much has changed functionally, the main things are:

  • OS builtin hidpi is now not used, but calculated manually instead.
    It appeared to make bad choices, eg rounding 240 dpi up to x3 (which was too big).
    Hopefully the manual calculation will be more sensible.

  • formatting notes for links is now the default.
    Im using this all the time, so i think it's good to go.

  • There's now an inbuilt updater!
    Im hoping the update won't be annoying. This is the first release with the updater. By default, it will check every day or so. You can disable this in the settings and clicking on the version number in the settings will force a manual update check.

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