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Preventing accidental note loss

edited August 2016 in Requests

A request from my daughter...

On the Android platform it is not unusual to swap between applications. The problem with this habit is that if you try to swap between applications using Lexi then you lose all of the note you are typing. Could this be avoided somehow? Perhaps the app could save notes periodically during typing (as this web application does for example) so that it would limit data lost to a minute or so.


  • This is a good point. I'll take a look into why it loses the data in the first place.

  • This might be related to the way that Lexiy does not appear in the recent apps list. This is done deliberately to prevent a screenshot of confidential information accidentally being retained by the Android app history.

    However, it should still be possible to switch apps. I'll do some tests.

  • New version 2.1.2. Lexiy now appears in app history list. It's too useful to be able to switch between apps, rather than it just disappear.

    The downside is that, it's possible for a screenshot of confidential information to be retained by the app history. Something to watch out for.

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