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How do I use it with Wear

edited February 2016 in Features


  • Yes, sorry I haven't properly documented this yet.

    After installing the Android app, it should upload to Wear after a few minutes. The app registers itself as a note taking app, which are triggered by the phrase:

    "take a note"

    So you say, "take a note buy apples" or "take a note buy bananas".

    and it should store "buy apples" and "buy bananas" respectively.

    If you say, "take a note buy what" it will treat this as a question and display:

    "buy apples, buy bananas".

    I'm sorry that "take a note buy what" sound silly, but you have to say the "take a note" bit to direct your words to the note app.

    I plan to write a full article on Wear support soon.

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