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Announcing forthcoming version 2.0

The desktop version is merging with the Android version to make a new 2.0 release. Currently this is in beta.

The main new feature for Android is the inclusion of the zoomable calendar. Although many other small features and improvements have been added.

Anyone keen enough to load the APK directly can do so from here:

There are a few minor known problems that will be fixed before the actual release.

Currently the beta installs in parallel to the original Android Lexiy Notes, so that you will have both loaded.

The final release will not do this, instead it will supersede the original.


  • jkjjkj
    edited July 2016

    If you have Android Wear, you can now dictate calendar entries

    For example, "buy cheese tomorrow" or "Dinner with Peter Friday" will be put into your calendar at the appropriate day.

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