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Android version 2.0.2 now on Google Play

This major release supersedes the old Java version and includes the Calendar page that has been part of the Windows build for a while now.

Most of it should be the same as before, in terms of functionality.

Android Wear now support the placement of events into the calendar using voice. For example,
"meeting with Dave Friday at 10am"

works both from text at the end of a note and from voice dictation.


  • This is the first official release of the new calendar edition for Android. There are a few rough edges, but I'm hoping to fix them soon.

    You will need to have synced with an account to bring your notes into the new version.

    Currently, notes appear also in the calendar. They are pinned on the day the note was created. Sometimes this is a good thing and other times, you might want to hide them. I'm thinking of adding a view option for this.

    Also notes added to the calendar also appear as ordinary notes. I'm thinking of having these automatically allocated to a "Calendar" project.

    There's the calendar zoom, which lets you scale from month view down to day view. Then there's the UI scale option. The latter needs a restart. If it tries to take effect immediately, there are a lot of layout problems and it goes wrong. If i ever figure this out, I'd like it to be immediate. However, the UI scale was meant to be something to adjust once and leave alone.

    Right now, the weekend can be given a relative weight compared to the weekdays. Unfortunately, this is an internal setting, but i can easily make this an option. You'll notice that the weekend boxes are slightly bigger than the weekday ones in some layouts. This could, of course, work the other way and make them smaller.

    Combing the two, weekend, days into one is also another interesting idea.

    TIP: you might want to adjust the password forget to a few minutes or "never". By default it asks every time.

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