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Not sure where we got to with this one but I'm still having problems with being able to see the bottom of the Lexiy window, despite changing text zoom. The reason this is a nuisance is because you can't always see the red 'Plus' disk and you can't grab hold of the bottom right-hand corner to resize the window.


  • The main windows is not meant to be taller than the screen (90% max). Is this something to do with moving from one window to another?

    I've uploaded a new windows version (2.1.6), which has two experimental options:


    This will not attempt any internal scaling calculation, but enables the system automatic "hidpi" scaling. It will still use any user zoom factor from the settings. This option might be better for multi-monitor support.

    However, it doesn't work on my machine since my reported dpi of 244 is turned into a 3x scaling by the system and this looks too big. So this option does not work for me.

    The other option (just added) is:


    This is incompatible with the "-hidpi" option. What it does it attempt a better, more accurate dpi calculation than the system, which it then uses to determine the scaling.

    For example, my monitor reports 96 dpi from the system but 102 for truedpi. My laptop reports 244 from the system, but 277 true dpi. For both of these the true dpi is actually the correct one.

    truedpi doesn't always work, some systems won't support it. In such cases, it will fall back to the system dpi.

    You can check the values manually. If you show the settings page and scroll to the bottom, there are two DPI numbers reported. eg DPI: 96/102 or DPI: 240/277 (in my cases), these are the reported system and true DPI values. When true dpi is not available, it will show 0, eg DPI: 96/0.

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