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When you press the Dustbin the note is deleted without any verification from the user. This is a little dangerous since the dustbin is right next to the tick which is used to accept and save a note. I think the user should be asked "Delete this note: Yes or No?" or similar.


  • Agreed. The nice way to do this is with a "snackbar" undo. What you do is delete the note, but pop-up an undo "snackbar" at the bottom of the screen that shows for, say, 2 seconds. If you click undo on this bar, it un-deletes the note.

    bumped priority.

  • This is not at all urgent but taking a leaf out of Google's book you could make the delete function archive notes so that they could be recovered (and they might even remain searchable). From a user perspective it's a nuisance if there is lots of old clutter visible on the screen but I imagine that that old information might still be potentially useful.

  • I'm in two minds about this. one school of thought says that things deleted should really be deleted. But other people want them kept sometime.

    the obvious answer is to have an option for this.

    Another UI option planned is whether to confirm delete. Right now it does, but i find this annoying.

    added to list: settings, trashcan option.

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