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Project Indication

One of the nice things about this application is its simplicity and I wouldn't want to compromise this with lots of stuff on the screen. That's why I'm very cautious about asking for additional features which might just add clutter to the display.

However I keep wondering whether there ought to be some indication of which project you are in when viewing either an individual note or a list of notes.

Is this something you have thought about?


  • Yes indeed. Something i was thinking about as well. I think the page title should change from "Lexiy Notes" to the project name when you are viewing a user project.

    priority bumped.

  • Thanks for the compliment. You might be interested to learn that the desktop version is going to look quite similar to the mobile version.

    Im using the same design ideas, so it wont have the usual Windows menus etc, but it will have transitions and "physics like" effects.

    I'm hoping to get a beta by the end of the month.

  • edited February 2016

    Really looking forward to the desktop version!

  • I have implemented display of current project on the title bar. should go out later today, unless i find a serious problem.

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