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edited February 2016 in General

I hope you won't mind if I make a suggestion about branding. I noticed that the application's logo is not always exactly the same wherever it is used. For example, on one part if the website it has a shadow and is in uppercase.

I remember being told by the marketing people at one company that it was very important to keep all aspects of the design of the brand's logo the same wherever it appears, for example the font boldness, capitalisation, etc.

My own feeling is that for practical reasons there should actually be two versions of the logo - one for use on light coloured backgrounds and one for use on dark coloured backgrounds.

(This doesn't apply to Lexiy but the thing I have learnt to avoid is shading because when you want to place a logo on a transparent background shading can cause all sorts of problems.)


  • I actually want to promote the "L" logo a bit more, but i need something wide to act as a banner. You're right about the text, of course. This is something i've already tweaked once. Right now the text is separate and this is the source of the problem. I should burn the text into any logo or branding, them it will look the exact same.

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