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edited February 2016 in Features

How does the export feature work? I tried selecting the export feature and then a note taking app but the only thing on the clipboard was the text that had been there before I ran Lexiy.

Is it your intention that the export feature should export everything in the project that you are currently viewing or everything stored in the database?

I think it would be good if the user was asked which project they wanted to export, one of the options being to export all of them.


  • Yes, indeed.

    Right now, the in-app export feature is quite limited. What it does is export your whole internal database as a file, giving access to the raw data.

    This data will be encrypted or not, depending on your selection. The purpose of this feature is to provide bulk export for manual backup of your database.

    However, there is not much you can do with this file right now, except save it somewhere. There ought to be an import feature that will accept such a file.


    Now that I'm working on the desktop client, I'm planning that any fancy import and export be performed by this tool - which makes things a lot simpler for the mobile. For example, the desktop client can support import from various file formats.

    The desktop client will also probably have export features to plain text etc. This will be a good way for people to take their data away should they wish to.

    Another thing planned is an open source utility to manipulate these files. it will allow hackers to make their own export/import. I have a pre-release version of this utility, but it needs cleaning up.

    Some things:

    The export, as it is now, emits the file as a, so called, content provider. I've noticed that not all recipients can handle this. exporting to things like Google drive or email works, but some file explorers do not. It's because they expect a file and not a stream. Annoyingly, it's not always possible to export a file anymore and a stream is the preferred way.

    project specific export. good idea. the desktop client should definitely do this (as well as export a search result), maybe also the mobile. not sure yet.

    Something else with projects that may be relevant to this is that, at some point, it might be worth having double locked projects. ie certain projects that require an additional password.

    So, for example, you can have a handy project of reminders, but also another project of web passwords that's not immediately available. It will allow people to keep everything in the same database, but adjust security accordingly.

  • Where is the exported file placed?

  • It isn't. For database export, the app acts as a content provider, it provides a stream for another app to consume. That other app could be a file manager or a cloud drive of some kind.

    However, some apps cannot accept streams, although they should.

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