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Use Case

edited February 2016 in Features

I'm looking forward to the PC version of this application. One way in which I intend to use it is as a way of transferring dictated notes from the handheld to the PC. The reason for this is that I find it convenient to voice type notes into my phone but I often want to use them on my PC. The problem has been how to easily 'cut and paste' the notes from the handheld to the PC. With Lexiy I will be able to voice type into a note and then simply open it on the PC to get at the text. I'm sure there are other ways to do this but this seems like an easy way for me to work. (This probably isn't how you intended the application to be used but I thought I'd tell you about it anyway.)


  • That's exactly why i want it too. Sync between the PC and the app should be automatic and quick. When I'm working i want to make notes and reminders. Also sometimes i put in links when using the mobile, but i want to open those links later on the PC when i can read the page properly.

    I was hoping to have a beta by end of Feb, which is now almost. Progress hasn't been as good as I'd hoped. The main reason is the PC version is being developed with a new technology, which i've had to get my head around. But the upside, is going to be a new generation of look and feel more akin to mobiles than desktops. Personally, i think that's the way desktop UX is heading in general, so I didn't want to start making a new app with an old look.

  • Personally I like the modern style of some of the new Windows apps which are designed to work both with a mouse for use as a normal PC and with your finger for when you're using it as a tablet. I guess this kind of design would work if you decided to port the application to Apple as well.

    I'm not so keen on apps which have a game-style appearance and within which the normal functions of Windows won't work. Are you working to some predefined guidelines?

  • Absolutely. The idea that you can drive with the mouse or your finger is at the heart of the new way. There's also the visual cues when you hover and the movement "physics" when you drag and scroll.

    I'm copying the Android material design style. Here's a preview, unfortunately the picture can't show the animations.

  • Looks good - can't wait!

  • There's still a lot to do unfortunately, but some of the basics are there. I'll be quite interested in feedback once an early version is ready.

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