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Records, Notes and Lists

The question that keeps occuring to me is whether or not it is your intention that a note should be analogous to a single record in a database or are you expecting users to create notes which contains several records? Here are two examples:

If I was making a list of things to do, would they all be placed in a single note or added as individual notes in a project called 'To Do'?

If I was making a note of all the customers that I had met at a show would I expect to enter each one in a separate note?

I have no fixed ideas about this myself but the reason I'm interested is because I think it will have quite a large impact on the design of the application going forwards. For example one area this would have an impact is in the display of retrieved data. If I asked the app "What things have I got to do today?" then would the formatting of the displayed data be biased towards the display of single notes or multiple notes (because for example there may be more than one note containing to do lists).

Do you get what I'm driving at here?


  • Firstly, notes will not contain multiple records - although later there might be attachments. Also there will be more meta-data. I'm planning to add due dates at some point so that notes can be viewed on a time line.

    Definitely TODOs should be separate notes, since each can have separate priorities and due dates. Also, you can mark each as done independently.

    What you are getting at is a more fluid kind of grouping than boilerplate projects. The plan is the AI will allow notes to be grouped according to content, then you will be able to view these groups based on relations between them. Accordingly, a given note may be in more than one such group unlike the limitation with any project or folder system.

    The AI will work by finding common concepts across notes and link them into connective groups semantically. Some of these connections could involve meta data such as place and time.

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