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A major source of useful personal information is the user's own email. However, I have noticed that there appears to be no way to search for text, etc. in the non-Gmail email app on my Samsung devices and I understand same thing is true of other manufacturers' email applications. I suspect that Google are not keen on people keeping their data in anything other than Gmail so they only provide the search facility when you use their system.

It occurred to me that it might be useful if there could be a way to get one's text data out of email and into Lexiy. Searching would be possible, the data would be useful and the storage would be secure.


  • Actually yes. For example, a standard Android email entry box wants to automatically search your mobile contacts to support completion. This isn't quite the same as searching your email addresses, but access to it is via the same mechanism.

    However, i disabled this on purpose because, to do it, requires the app to have "contacts" permission. Personally, I'm always suspicious of apps that request contacts permission, as i wonder if they slurp this data and send it off somewhere.

    But, If you've upgraded to Android 6, you might have noticed that you can now control the permissions allowed for each app. Specifically, you can switch off things like contacts, camera, storage, microphone etc. It's a good move.

    Conversely, apps can request permissions at runtime. This might be the way as users can accept/deny as appropriate.

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