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Focus not on 'type here' box

When you press the '+' sign the focus is not taken to the box where you're supposed to start typing and the flashing cursor doesn't appear until you have actually typed something. It would be more intuitive if the cursor was flashing immediately after pressing '+'.

Incidentally, if you press '+', type one letter, and then press backspace you still have the flashing cursor...this situation gives a view of how I think it should look at the beginning.


  • Well spotted! This must have crept in when i enabled links in notes. Fix in next release.

  • fixed v1.2.3 should be coming through Play soon.

  • edited April 2016

    This doesn't seem to work on the windows version (beta 1).

  • Thanks. there are a number of mis-focus issues on the desktop version.

    • the note editor should automatically gain focus
    • the search box does not autofocus
    • the login/register panel, enter key should press the button.
  • Very minor additional point - I had a non-repeatable instance of not being able to get focus on a note today after moving the window from one monitor to another. I exited to the home screen and tried again and it was fine.

  • Hm. weird focus across windows. thanks.

    B3 has some minor focus changes.

  • I think I can repeat this last one now.

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