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Missing Notes

edited April 2016 in Windows

(I notice you have an Android Bugs tab but not a Windows one)

I started Lexiy a few minutes ago (from Windows) and went to my 'To Do' project tab. There were no notes there - panic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried refreshing the database - nothing, despite the 'Ok' message coming up.
I took a look at one of the other tabs and there was nothing in it - but there was data in other tabs.

I then re-started the app and everything was back to normal again.

A bit worrying.


  • Very strange!

    You'll be relieved to know it's very difficualt to lose all your data. You can get your whole database back as follows:

    • quit the app
    • move the .db file to something else.
    • run the app.
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