People have asked whether it's possible to run Lexiy from a USB stick, and generally, if it's possible to have a portable edition. Turns out that since v2.1.1, the Windows version can be run portably by supplying a suitable option.

When Lexiy installs, everything needed is put into the installation directory, there are no system components or other assets spread around your computer. The one other thing it does need, however, is the location of your notes data file.

Lexiy asks Windows where it should store user data, and would normally place the notes file there. For example, under windows 8 & 10, this directory is,


However, really it doesn't matter where the notes files is located, only that it needs to be somewhere writable.

For example, on machines in the workplaces, often c: is not writable by normal users. Additionally, if you want to run entirely from a usb stick, you would also want to locate the notes files on that stick.

To tell Lexiy an alternative location where to find the notes file, you can provide the -datadir option, the syntax is:

-datadir <directory-to-store-notes>

For example, if your stick is K:, you could say -datadir k:

Sometimes, you might just want to store your notes file wherever you've put a copy of Lexiy (ie in the Lexiy installation directory itself). You can specify this by giving the, special name, exe to the option. ie,

-datadir exe

So, to make a portable USB edition, just copy the entire installation directory to your USB stick and, launch lexiy with the -datadir option, either on the command line or by editing or making a lexiy desktop shortcut.

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