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Get Organized!

Notes and Calendar on the go.

On your desktop, your mobile and your wearables.

Data Encryption

Securely store personal data like passwords and access codes. No one else can read your data. Not even us.

Wearable Technology

Use voice on your wearables to store information. Ask questions and have the answers displayed whilst on the move.

Secure Server

Your master password is never stored on our zero-knowledge, servers and never transmitted over the Internet. Only your device can decrypt your data.

Advanced Search

AI powered search and data management. Automatically organises your data. Find things fast.

Make Notes using Voice

Make notes on the go with your wearable device. Life's too busy to stop what you're doing. Ask questions with voice and get immediate answers on your wearable.

  • Check meetings and make appointments
  • Query things to do
  • Create reminders and set deadlines
  • Ask questions and get answers

Free Notes and Calendar App for all Platforms

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Cloud Server


Monthly Calendar

Automatic Backup

Wearable Technology

Strong Encryption

Notes App

Voice Notes

Data Privacy

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Advanced Search