Facebook is rumoured to be having a crisis behind the scenes, centred around something called "original sharing." It's the technical term for the sort of personal, from-the-heart updates that people make about their own lives. For instance, a piece of original sharing content would be a written status update, a selfie or a video of a newborn puppy doing a trick. But people haven't been posting these as frequently, at least according to a detailed report published by The Information earlier this month. The news site claims to have seen confidential documents showing a 21 percent drop in original sharing over the last year.

Facebook's push to connect everyone in the world has caused a shift in its ethos. Back in the old days, he felt the site was "an old wall where people might scribble graffiti" but has now become a public space with eyes everywhere.

People are resentful of the blurred lines between public and private information and are taking strong measures to protect themselves.

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