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Editing the bottom of text

I'm not sure if this would be classified as a bug or if it's just the way that Android works but if you have a lot of text in a note and then you try to get to the bottom of that text to edit it, it is impossible to reach because the keyboard is in the way. You have to press the back button go to the bottom of the text and then tap it to edit it again.


  • thanks. this does look like a bug. i will investigate.

  • I looked into this and it appears to be an Android bug. There's a few workarounds out there....

  • Version 1.2.7 made it worse, there's a 1.2.8 in the pipe. Although it's still just as bad.

  • I'm sure you will have noticed this but the header for a note (which is currently the first line of the note) re-sizes itself depending on whether you slide the note up and down.

    Is it your intention to leave the first line of the note as the header? This has pros and cons - you can see the first line of the note (which I use as a header sometimes) wherever you are in the text but of course it's then not available to display the project name.

  • Yes, the fabulous collapsible header is finally working a bit. It's meant to collapse to make room as you scroll, and also make the title smaller.

    This should have worked from the beginning, but there's an Android bug and it doesn't want to appear unless i set the expanded header to at least 125. As it is, it wont appear on pads unless i set it to 160.

    There are various workarounds where people have written code to manually expand and contract the title bar. This makes it appear, but flickers. My plan is to wait for a proper fix and live with it working on mobiles only for now.

    The first line of a note doesn't really have any special status. Up to the first 3 words are used as a proxy for the note's title. I don't really want notes to have a separate title as this is then not part of the note itself.

    The first two lines of a note are displayed in the list of notes, unless the note has a blank link after the first line, in which case only one line plus "..." is shown.

    I've managed to reproduce the "editing at the bottom" problem on a separate dummy project. It's actually one of the samples :-/ Anyhow, I'm hoping for a reply to why it doesn't scroll. A lot of people are having this problem.

  • I'm sure that the all these problems will be fixed when the general Android issue is addressed but just for the record I have noticed that it is also sometimes impossible to get to the top of the text to press the 'tick' when you have been editing something at the bottom of a large lump of text - it won't let you scroll the note up high enough. You have to press the 'back' button and then go to the top.

  • You're right. I think i'm going to have to have another go at workarounds for this.

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