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Sorting Notes

The ability to sort the list of notes within a project would be useful.


  • I've been thinking about this.

    I'm planning to have a "due date" option for notes and also a time based sort. A lot of things i put in are date based and this would be useful.

    What other things do you think it should sort on? Other systems let you assign a priority which can also be sorted for example.

  • My idea was perhaps rather simplistic - that the sort would just be on the first line of text. This would allow users to use numbers or letters at the start of a note to say where it should be in the list. This has the advantage of being very simple - at least from the user's point of view.

    Due date would certainly be a good idea. (Actually, I have this morning started transferring my 'to do' list over to Lexi and my reason for wanting to sort the list was to get them into due date order.)

  • Ok, i'll bump this idea up a bit.

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