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  • The main windows is not meant to be taller than the screen (90% max). Is this something to do with moving from one window to another? I've uploaded a new windows version (2.1.6), which has two experimental options: -hidpi This will not attempt an…
  • Does not work on 10.7 or earlier at present. I'd like to be able to extend back to 10.6 if possible.
  • Version 2.1.2 released. The swipe threshold has been adjusted to be less sensitive.
  • New version 2.1.2. Lexiy now appears in app history list. It's too useful to be able to switch between apps, rather than it just disappear. The downside is that, it's possible for a screenshot of confidential information to be retained by the app h…
  • Tested on Debian 8
  • You mean on the calendar? The idea is that the calendar search shows you a projection from the start date to the end date of all matches. unfortunately, this quite often gives a large range with empty spaces. The plan is to produce some kind of co…
  • good idea. added to list
  • Thanks for reminding me about this one.
    in Project Names Comment by jkj August 2016
  • Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, 64 bit
  • Cripes! Turns out there is. Made adjustment for next release (2.1.1). Thanks.
  • This seems to be worse sometimes than others. I've had cases where it will slide unless you're really careful. Then next time it's fine. I wonder if there's an internal adjustment for this...
  • This might be related to the way that Lexiy does not appear in the recent apps list. This is done deliberately to prevent a screenshot of confidential information accidentally being retained by the Android app history. However, it should still be p…
  • This is a good point. I'll take a look into why it loses the data in the first place.
  • This is the first official release of the new calendar edition for Android. There are a few rough edges, but I'm hoping to fix them soon. You will need to have synced with an account to bring your notes into the new version. Currently, notes appea…
  • If you have Android Wear, you can now dictate calendar entries For example, "buy cheese tomorrow" or "Dinner with Peter Friday" will be put into your calendar at the appropriate day.
  • 1.2.0 released.
  • nice one! It wasn't happening on my main machine as it's timing related. but it turned out what's happening is you can click on a note in the list view whilst the transition animation opening the note is playing. Thus, the double click was actuall…
  • You have to press & hold to begin selection. then press CTRL+C to copy the selected region. this is because a normal press & move scrolls the window. Also CTRL+A will select all.
  • turns out i'd disabled the max button by setting a max window size. fixed for next release.
  • thanks for the report. is this a result of setting the manual scaling in the settings. What happens now is that the OS is allowed to pick a scale multiplier (which it does for hi-dpi screens), then i apply the manual scaling factor on top. What ha…
  • That's correct for now. The general idea is that formatting is a presentation operation rather than coded into the note itself. There could, for example, be formatting options or styles to choose from. However, for layout I'd have to somehow prese…
  • Yes, i almost made it the default for 1.0.9. However, There are a few oddities still. For example, you can't always paste certain things in "rich" mode. For example, source code cut and pasted from a website fails to appear at all. This is because …
  • New version 1.0.9 posted with fixes to this mode.
  • Also, i've been running my copy here with this "rich text" mode on for a few days and it's been ok. Plan to flip the option at some point to on by default. Clickable links are too useful.
  • yes! I enabled the HighjDpiScaling option. Not sure that it would make any difference, but the idea is that it automatically accommodates high density displays on Windows, rather than the stock 96 dpi. Glad that it does something useful.
  • thanks. the full version is the same but chains in the MS vc_redist runtime. This shouldnt be needed on windows 10 anyhow. working on an updater now...
  • try now with the installer version.
  • Good idea. Added to list.
  • Very strange! You'll be relieved to know it's very difficualt to lose all your data. You can get your whole database back as follows: quit the app move the .db file to something else. run the app.
    in Missing Notes Comment by jkj April 2016
  • The main change with B3 is that it no longer stores your cipher key in a file. This was obviously a major security hole. Instead you have to login each time. I've made the login focus work so you just type your pw and press enter. BTW, please dele…
    in Beta3 ready Comment by jkj April 2016